Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So Ive been in site for almost 4 weeks now and im totally slacking on the blog...sorry. So Ill just fill you in...a little bit...

Its green rolling hills....sheep, cows, goats and pigs everywhere!! and dont forget about the roosters... so its gorgeous and freezing and lots of rain.

I am working in the health center and me and my counterpart have given a few charlas on HIV AIDS and STIs and how to use a condom....I am now starting to give puberty charlas all this month...Im excited. I am also starting a group of kids who want to be health promoters...

I also swore in with my right hand in front of the mayor as a representative to my community and to the health center. I am a member of an organization that speaks for the community now...how completely and utterly random that day was....i think you can guess how out of place i felt...haha

There are drunk men and women everywhere at all times of the day...

the people here are sooo nice to me its weird. It makes me remember how un nice people are in big cities in the U.S. Here you dont walk by someone without greeting them and they all seem to know my name. it takes me a while to remember theres.

Im doing great and Ill put another update soon!!!!! love you all

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