Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello Everyone!!! so I noticed no one was home and I snuck my camera outside to take a picture of my bathroom. hehe and the three pigs that live near it..they start making snorting noises everytime you go near, I think they think they are going to get fed. Anyway, The thing with the blue tarp is my bathroom..cozy..

This next picture is of 3 year old Kaley on the left and her 7 year old sister betsy on the right. these are the amazing little girls I was living with before I had to move to the other house. I still see them from time to time and I need to go visit more often. But life here is generally absolutely breath taking and I find myself stopping sometimes and staring at the scenery and thinking....oh my god, Im actually here and Im doing it!

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angelinthestates said...

i miss you so much! and i keep thinking about how i need to update u about whats happening with the election proceedings, problem is i dont know enough about the details to properly fill u in, so i hope your mom is doing a better job at it, he he. anyways your bathroom looks...uh different, but im sure it gets the job taken care of, lol, keep updating us, i love it! ill let u know when i start my new job! i cant wait!